Deleted domain registration

I think I made a mistake and deleted a domain registration. Originally registered a domain and later added another domain to host. We didn’t want the first one and after copying all files over to the new domain, deleted the first domain and everything related to it. Now, on the registration page, dream host says I have no domains registered. So I’m thinking that the other domain was not registered but is simply hosted. Now my website does not display at all. Just the Index and files. Help please.

You probably never had the domain registered here; just hosted. What’s the domain and/or URL?

Since you said that something (index and files) show up, it sounds somewhat functional, but your files are in the wrong place. Make sure they’re in the YOURDOMAIN.COM directory.


The original hosted and registered domain was That’s the one I deleted. I was not the one that set that domain up. I suspect that the guy that setup that domain simply hosted the domain we are using now and copied the files over. The one we’re using now is It is somewhat functional and I believe I have all of my files in the right directory. Do I need to register it here in order for it to function correctly?

The original domain is registered at GoDaddy, and has proper DNS settings pointing at DreamHost. Your new domain is also registered at GoDaddy and also has proper DNS settings pointing at DreamHost.

If you created a Fully Hosted Domain in the panel, then you’re off to a good start. Since it’s a Joomla site, it’s a fairly involved process to just copy it over it to the new place. You have two choices:

Use the One-Click installs and build it from scratch and try to import your old database. Or keep plugging away at your installation and tying up loose ends in the configuration files. It looks like you’re taking this second approach.