Deleted DB by Mistake-What Next?

I mistakenly erased my DB for wordpress so I tried restoring it but to no avail. What to do?

I am so tempted to just erase everything. Help.

Contact Support. If that doesn’t work, you’ve gotta mostly start over. Re-create the empty database on the same db host, same username, same password. I think that WordPress will re-initialize if it sees that your database is empty and let you start with a blank site.

Edit: Sorry, I haven’t noticed you said you already tried to restore it. But did you try to restore it through the Dreamhost admin panel or through the phpMyAdmin? It worked for me in the admin panel and I tried it several times.

Another option is to go to phpMyAdmin and if the database is still there, export the tables from there. Then create a new database and import the tables into it, that way you will recover all the information. If the old database still exists, you will have to use another name for the new database and change the DB name in config.php in WordPress.