Deleted all default files, what to do?

I accidentally deleted all of the default folders when being assigned my website using filezilla. Is there anyway I can get the default files back like public_html? My website gives a 404 error now.

Dreamhost doesn’t use a publc_html style directory structure by default. Are you sure your asking the correct question at the correct forum?

Well i’ve deleted everything and all I have left is “logs” and I am unable to display anything

First verify you’re not doing the logging into the wrong user on the server thing… On Manage Domains in the dreamhost panel there is a listing for your domain. Make sure the “user” you’re logging into FTP matches the one listed here.

If that’s the case, then your best bet at this point is just delete you entry for your domain on Manage Domains in the panel, wait a few then re-add it.

There is no recycle bin or trash folder in this case. If you deleted everything it’s really gone.