Delete Site

The catche on one of my url wont erase for me to start a new install of my site.

I have tried deleting the entire site also but it wont delete.

I have deleted the SQL and reinstalled it and that didnt work either.

Go easy on me people Im learning here and have read till my eyes are bleeding…LOL

If someone could even lead me where I need to read to fix this trble would be good.

Thanks in advance


What do you mean it won’t delete? Just what are you doing exactly? If all else fails, use SSH to delete directories (not but anything under it…) and you should be fine. Here is a thread from the wiki that you might find useful. Just take it one step at a time and you’d manage to figure it out

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I’m not really sure what you’re saying, but if you mean that you delete your site, but still see it on your computer–you might want to clear your temp files, or try another browser.

Maybe call a friend and ask them to go to your site, then let you know what they see.

If you just transferred here from another host, it can take a few days for the world to see the new location, so you could be seeing the site at your old host. If that’s the case, just upload your site and it will be fine.

If you didn’t just transfer here, Dreamhost can’t serve what isn’t there, so the problem would seem to be on your end, or somewhere between you and DH.

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OK I guess I was alittle confusing to understand…Ok I loaded software under my site name via FTP. I decided I didnt like the forum software and deleted it and put phpBB on it. About 3 days went by and I hosed something up so I figured I would just delete the software using my FTP and re-install all of it over again.

Well I deleted all of it but the cache wouldnt delete thus not allowing me to upload the software over again cause the directory isnt empty…Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


Are you talking about using a one-click install?

If it’s telling you that the directory isn’t empty, the old software probably created an .htaccess file that you’re not seeing (I don’t think all FTP programs show hidden files by default).

If you’re not familiar with using SSH, or can’t get your FTP client to show hidden files, you could just delete and re-create the empty directory that you want to use.

Example. If you have – and you think that forum is empty – just delete and re-create the forum directory… not your whole domain directory.

If you’re familiar with SSH, just log in, CD to the folder, then type ls -all. That will show you everything that’s in the folder, which will probably be .htaccess.

If you want to get rid of it, just type: rm .htaccess

Does that help, or did you mean something else? I’m assuming you’re using the one-click-install feature in the control panel, right?

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Well I did do the one click intall for the phpBB AND THEN DELETED the files under that url via FTP but the cache folder wouldnt delete.

I now have 2 urls on my server with the same name. One works fine and the forums are up now but the other is just sitting there wasting space…

So how can I get that useless url with the cache file in it deleted off the server.



If a folder was created under root or another user other than yourself, you could just shoot support a message through your control panel, asking them to delete it. Just be sure to make it clear which folder you want deleted. I’d give them the full path like: /home/your-user-name/

At least you got it back up and running, which is always good news.

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Thanks Buddy…I appreciate your help in all this. I will send them a note to delete the unwanted info thats on the server.


Thanks Buddy…I appreciate your help in all this. I will send them a note to delete the unwanted info thats on the server.