Delete redirect


I redirected a domain and found that the forum contained within it would no longer work so I wanted to delete the redirection.

I got an alarming message saying that the domain itself was now being deactivated so I cancelled that and went in and changed the redirection to the default of which it then proceeded to rediirect to.

So I went back to cancel the redirect and now the domain cannot be found at all and I got a message saying that within a day the domain would not resolve at all.

What a mess!


Dunno. It seems to have deleted the hosting.

Why’s it done that then?

I re-added the hosting but it says it’ll take two days.


How about a ticket to DH support?

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Well, one of the alternative options suggested when trying to raise a ticket is posting here.

I’ll raise a ticket.

The hosting seems to be back but possibly on a different server so hopefully I can port the old stuff across as I can still see it on FTP.