Delete quickstart.html file

[size=small][/size][font=Verdana][size=medium] I uploaded Wordpress with One Click. Now, I need to remove the quickstart.html page.

This is the advice I got from Dreamhost:

[quote]You can just delete the file with FTP. Alternatively, you can just upload
your index file and that will take priority over the quickstart.html

If you use Wordpress, you do not use FTP to upload the index file or at least that’s my experience with other hosting sites. Once, Wordpress is installed, you publish and it’s there.

When I go to the FTP panel, I have no idea what to do or how to do what Dreamhost suggests. I’ve looked in the Dreamhost support wiki with no avail. It’s very poorly organized and very hard to search.

I need step by step, idiot-proof direction to remove the quickstart page. I cannot preview the Wordpress template and content together with out removing the quickstart.html page.


You don’t have to remove that file, as it’s lower in priority than your index.php file.
However, if the FTP panel is giving you a headache, you can use cron to remove it:

Make sure you selected the user that your site belongs to.
Give it some title
Enter your email address so it notifies you when your file has been removed
Command to run is:
/bin/rm ~/EXAMPLE.COM/quickstart.html
Let it run hourly

Give it an hour, and when you get the email that it ran, test your site to make sure it’s gone, then remove the cron job.