Delete pending account


I need to delete my pending account but the option does not appear.


i have the same problem my account is pending for more than 24 hours and i want to delete it but there is not option to do it and support doesn’t answer…


Anthony799 and gilad,
I apologize for the inconvenience! Our approvals team works regular business hours, Monday-Friday. Some accounts do need to be manually approved for security reason. If you would still like to keep your account with us or cancel, please let me know so that I can get it manually approved/cancelled when that department comes in. I apologize again for any inconvenience this has caused you.

Dee J.


Thanks for the reply! Yes I do want the account deleted.


Do you by any chance have the account number? or if you can just provide the domain name that would be good too!

Dee J.






As soon as I get your account cancelled you’ll receive an email! I will also follow up in here just in case. Thanks!

Dee J.


Thanks! One more thing, when I sign up again can I get a plan that lets me have more domains?

Can I have both AND


You’re Welcome! :slight_smile:
To answer yoour question, YES! All youhave to do is pay for the domain registration, and then you can host it here on your account free! You can host as many domains with your account as you want - you just have to take care of registering them yourself.
Your domains will share the storeage and bandwidth limits.
Let me know if you have anymore questions, I’d be glad to help :smiley:
Dee J.


thanks for your reply,

i want to figure something out before you cancel my account, it doesn’t let me send you a private message, how can i contact you ?


You can contact us through here
If you provide your domain I can reply to your submitted ticket once you submit one.
Also, you can send me a private message through Facebook

Dee J.


the first option doesn’t works, again because my account is pending :frowning:
domain won’t help you again, it’s not registered yet because i’m pending, so i have no domains on my account…
but the facebook way seems to work.

thanks, i’ll send you a msg now.


That’s great! And if I later want to change my primary domain (the one that appears on the homepage) can I do that?


Yes you can! Here are some helpful wiki’s regarding Domains!

Let me know if you have anymore questions!

Dee J.


That answers everything for now! thanks again, support here is WAY better than HostGator!


Hey Dee, can I get an update on deleting the account? It says “disabled” and I was hoping to get my new account set up tonight but I can’t register due to the first account (which I want deleted) still existing.


Please write in to DreamHost Support, either by replying to the message you were sent earlier today or through the Panel (under “Support > Contact Support”).