Delete old mail accounts after switching to Google

I’ve searched for this on the forums and couldn’t find the answer… Sorry if it’s been posted previously.

I’ve switched to Google for my mail hosting and would like to delete the old mail accounts on Dreamhost. I’ve had all users forward and delete the email via to their new Gmail accounts, but there are some users that no longer use the site and I’m sure their mail is taking up some room.

What is the easiest way to delete these old mail accounts, since Dreamhost no longer allows access to those accounts after the transfer to Google?


They no longer show up in Manage Email in the panel?



All you get is

"Gmail-Managed Domains:,,, are using Gmail.
Please click a domain to manage its email."

When you click those links, you’re sent to Google domains.

I think what Scott is suggesting is that email accounts will show up in the list above the “Gmail-Managed Domains” section. If the old email addresses aren’t there anymore then I’d think they’ve already been purged from your account. If you’re worried that there may be folders with data still being counted toward your disk quota, you could contact Support and ask if the purging is fully automatic and if the free space is reflected in your quota.

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Only domains that aren’t managed by Gmail show up in the list above the “Gmail-Managed Domains” section.

And I know they haven’t been purged as I and the users still have access to them via

My understanding is that Dreamhost will not purge these old accounts so that people can have access to their previous email after the switch over.

I wanted to try the Forums before contacting support as I know they’re busy, and this is a relatively minor issue. But, I suppose that’s what I’ll try next.