Delete info from expired DreamHostApps account


I had a DreamHostApps account through which I was using DreamHostApps to host MediaWiki on a subdomain of my primary domain (call it which is registered elsewhere. It had largely fallen into disuse however, so when I received the notification that DHA was being discontinued in March, I did nothing and figured I’d let it expire…I knew it wasn’t possible to “Delete” the account, per-se.

In the interim, my company has moved our main domain (call it over to a full DreamHost hosting account, which is working great. However, I now need to add a (different) subdomain to again, this time through the new account. When I try to do so, it tells me that it’s unable to do so, because “” is already in the DreamHost system on another account.

I logged into DreamHost using my old DHA account, and it’s pretty much just a disabled placeholder- none of the sections are clickable, and it tells me I have no domains/subdomains in that account. Nothing letting me remove “” from the system for re-use on a paid account.

Edit: One section (“domains”, I believe) notes that this section is for full DreamHost users, and provides a link to the DreamHostApps control panel to upgrade the account. The link is broken however, so that doesn’t help me.

Can anyone in support help me out and just delete the old account, or at least the host that I can’t use elsewhere now?



Send me an email with the domain in question and I’ll clear it out for you. We will be removing all DreamHost Apps accounts eventually; we’re just giving their owners some time to choose to download a backup or upgrade to a paid DreamHost account first.


Thank you so much for your help! I totally understand (and appreciate it on behalf of those who need it) the extra time being given- it just created a bit of a situation for me :slight_smile: