Delete folder

how do i delete a folder in my website. i would like to delete everything in folder. i would like to install wordpress on my domain and not as a subdomain. i try to ftp in and delete it but it doesnt let me.


Does the user have the right to delete files in your website? You may want to check the file access mode.

You do not need to delete folder in order to install wordpress. You can install wordpress in an empty folder inside folder.

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It is possible that there are ‘hidden’ files in the directory (or sub-directory), preventing you from deleting it. There should be an option somewhere in your FTP client to enable it to display these ‘hidden’ files.


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Don’t forget that many ftp clients will not let you “delete” a directory that has anything in it, requiring you to either delete all the files in the directory before deleting the directory itself or use a separate command for a “recursive delete” (which will delete all the files in the directory, and then delete the directory itself, in what appears to be a single operation).

If your ftp client doen’t have such a command, Mark’s note about displaying the “hidden files” is particularly relevant, as that could well account for why it appears the directory is empty, but will not “delete” (because it still has those “hidden files” which you cannot see in the directory).