Delete domain = free up space?

When you delete a domain and all it’s services under that domain, does it also delete all data in email and web so that is frees up that space? Or if you leave anything data under that domain it will be left in limbo forever taking up space from your account?


The deletion process states that it’ll wipe out that (sub)domain, all its email, databases, mailing lists, etc. Everything.

Logically, this would wipe all the space, since if you delete the domain, you lose access to all these features, so it’d be impossible to delete them on your own if they aren’t deleted automatically.


I don’t think it is the case.

When you delete a domain, the website’s root directory remain untouched inside your home directory, and usually you need to FTP or SSH into the server to purge that directory to free the web space.

I am not really sure about mail boxes because I don’t use them. However, if the mails are delivered to a local user account (into the Maildir/ directory), then I believe you still need to move emails already delivered into that mailbox. Removing the domain simply remove the mailbox mapping – and I think it is good that DreamHost is trying to be on the safe side to keep the files untouched.

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Ah, yes. That makes sense. At least for the website root directory.

So it would appear that only that directory needs to be manually deleted. Everything else is taken care of by the domain deletion, with the exception of that local user mail account.