Delete and Replace WordPress


If I have posted this to the wrong thread, I apologize, but since I AM such a total beginner to dreamhost, perhaps I can be forgiven.

First, I only got my account this very day. From the first moment I wanted a combination of traditional, static pages and a WordPress blog. For this reason, I did not want my users to land straight on the blog. I wanted a classic index.html with a link to the blog as well as links to other stuff, like a photo gallery showing my artwork, a link to my web designs, a contact page, perhaps a FAQ, and my blog.

(At this writing, 15 Sep 2012, there’s nothing there, so clicking my user links won’t show you anything.)

I did not want people just landing at the blog. I figured that since I have so many irons in the fire, I needed a link to that. My first stab at the problem was to create a subdirectory; ie, mydomain/blog.

After a little reflection, I realized that my WordPress blog should really be a subdomain; ie, This realization only occurred after I had already created a blog. Since there are no posts and no data, simply deleting it and starting over would be no issue, but the fact is, I don’t see how to do that! It has to be simple. On my home computer I’d just "cd mydomain ; rm -rf blog. Then I’d just upload my template to the new subdomain. But how do I do that on a remote site? Should I use ftp? Can I? Can I do this from my control panel? I’m not seeing the links.

BTW, I did create the subdomain I wanted.

Hopefully, my question is not totally stupid and is useful to others. I like dreamhost. The interface is professional, and the sites really load fast. Since I’m paying a buck or three more for the “same thing,” I like that I get these little touches of pro nuance. Worth it.



Well, I answered my own question. It was easy enough. Just went to One Click Installs–>Manage Installed Applications, and deleted away. Similar process for the mysql database. Then, I did a fresh install into the desired subdomain.


OMG! I had NO idea there was a managed installed applications tab. Thank you so much I had the same problem. FIXED!