Delete and re-install WP - any way to transfer stats?

Hi all. Last month I moved my WordPress blog from one domain to another using the instructions found here:

After some tweaking (thanks so much for all your help, people at Dreamhost) I haven’t had any problems, but I’ve been thinking about deleting everything, doing a FRESH install of WordPress (the blog I moved was actually several years old) and then importing all of my posts/comments back in. However, I was wondering if anyone could tell me whether or not it would be possible to retain my Jetpack/ stats and subscribers/followers?

If the domain name is changing, you’ll have to ask Jetpack to help. If the domain name is not changing, the stats come along. Alas it’s not something we can do for you :frowning:

Nope, domain name is not changing, just considering doing a fresh WP install and “starting from scratch” if that makes sense…so when I reinstall WP and log in to Jetpack, all stats should still be there, correct?

Correct. I’ve done that a couple times, as well as moving a domain from server A to B, and the stats stayed :slight_smile: It’s only when changing the domain name (or moving from to self hosted) that it gets messsy :slight_smile:

Great, I’m so glad to hear that. Thank you!

I’m back! I finally decided to give this a try today but when I attempted to do the import, I got (keep getting) a 500 Internal Server error. Only about 1/4 of my posts, comments, etc. have been imported from the previous install. Can someone PLEASE help me figure out what went wrong?


I see you also reached out to us on Twitter; Thanks for the heads up! One of our guys just emailed you a bit ago, but to reiterate here: We don’t always recommend using the import option; Alternatively, we do suggest manually copying files from a backup and linking it with the existing database using the wp-config.php file. “WordPress sites are complex installations, and wiping/reinstalling one in the same place is VERY inadvisable.”

For more info please refer to the email :slight_smile: Any questions, reply there directly. Thanks!

Yeah, I have no idea what you mean by “linking it with the existing database using the wp-config.php file” - I’m afraid I don’t understand why the import option exists if it doesn’t work.

That error means that the import is timing out because you have a lot of posts and/or a lot of media.

If you have the database for your site, it’s MUCH more reliable (until the new importer is finished, and yes, it’s a WordPress project right now) to import the DB directly to your server and copy up the files. Then you edit the wp-config.php and tell it where your new DB is.

We have directions on how to rebuild a wp-config.php file here:

THANK YOU. This is the answer I was looking for. I didn’t think you would tell me something was possible if it truly wasn’t. I’m going to do some research and perhaps try again.

The timeout thing is double edged, cause it comes from both us (i.e. where you’re moving TO) and your old host. It has to download all the media on the fly.

One thing to keep in mind, if you break up your imports into smaller chunks, it tends to work better. Or you can keep re-importing, and WP should be smart enough to know “Oh I have that post on the smurfs already, let’s move on.”