Delet everything

Ok im having some problems still, but the solution i want has changed. Im unable to delete the “cache” dir of an old forum. So my solution, i want to force delte my entier webspace and start a fresh, any ideas?

Please I need help. I need to start a fresh, any ideads on the easiest way i can do so?

I need to do this because I am unable to delte some files because of a “550” error"

In case it helps, I’ve found that some files in my space created by DH systems did not have permission for me to delete them. You might have to ask Support to delete them manually.

Thats sounds resonable. Thanks for the help. Its just the help desk takes so freakin long to instal. Im never ever going to use the one button feature again.

You should be able to delete any files in your account.

What you’re probably having trouble with is that most FTP programs don’t show your .htaccess files by default. For some reason they won’t let you delete what you can’t see.

Somewhere in your program menu, you should have an option to display hidden files. Select that and you should then be able to delete away to your heart’s content.

Dude, you are a genious. I had tried that before, but not really. (if that makes sense). I tried it with a different ftp program and WAMO. DELETED! thanks :slight_smile:

Glad I could do my good deed for the day.