Delegating Announcement Lists Responsibility


I am trying to setup our first set of Announcement Lists. [Devotion Newsletter, Education Newsletter, Service Newsletter, etc.]

Since I may not be able to manage adding and maintaining users into these lists, I want to explore the possibility of maintaining these Lists like adding subscribers, removing subscribers, sending the announcements, etc.

Pardon me if I am asking basic questions :slight_smile:

  1. Is there an application on DreamHost to compose and send Newsletters , storing and displaying the sent Newsletters (similar to Yahoo Groups) or we should simply use our own email client on our desktops and send a message to this new “Announcement List” email address?

  2. If users want to access these Newsletters later, will they be available in one location my website? If not, is there a tool to make that happen?

  3. I am assuming we can have Yahoo Groups type of facility except it would only be one way communications (Announcements - not discussions). And the people who actually subscribed to these newsletters will be able to get the messages in their INBOXes; PLUS, these messages will be available on our website for viewing by the subscribers based on their email and possibly a password?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.