Delays with DreamHost forwarding to gmail

I have a DreamHost email account which forwards to my Gmail account. Sometimes these emails go through in seconds, and sometimes they are delayed for over an hour.

I read that years ago Gmail was rate-limiting forwarded email in order to prevent spam. Is this still what’s going on? Has this issue been resolved?

I see the following errors in two different email headers:

Received-SPF: softfail ( domain of transitioning does not designate as permitted sender)


Received-SPF: neutral ( is neither permitted nor denied by best guess record for domain of

Please help. Thank you!

I received this reply from DH support:

“You can ignore those SPF warning messages. We do not publish SPF records
so Google does not take them into account when accepting mail. It appears
that your account is on the email file server (trinidad) that had an
issue earlier today that resulted in email being delayed. The issue has
now been resolved and email should now be moving normally again if not
very soon.”

Is there any advantage to setting a SPF record in my DNS?

Never had problems with Gmail.

Always have problems with ALL microsoft emails.

I found this thread from a year ago. Same exact issue as me, but it does not say if the issue was resolved by adding that SPF record. I also wonder which IPs to add to the record because some of those might be outdated.

Any Grizzled Veterans out there?

Update: Support email says the email server problems are ongoing, and that SPF records won’t work because the email servers are behind a load-balancer which changes the IP addresses without notice.

Update 2: support email says the problem is Google’s and there is nothing DH can do to troubleshoot it.

Any help or words of wisdom would be appreciated.

Here is what is happening.
I have domain .
I have forward e-mail to . sends an e-mail to .
The e-mail is forwarded to .
In the header will be “softfail ( domain of transitioning does not designate as permitted sender) client-ip=;”

What is happening is when google gets the e-mail it checks the SPF record of the FROM address, the sender being . It is checking if dreamhost’s IP address is permitted to send e-mail for .

Many seem to use softfail, while others use fail (like, but they still go through eventually anyway.

I’m not sure what the delay is, but it seems to be exactly 3 hours for me, on somewhat random e-mails. Most e-mails I don’t notice the delay, so I’m not sure how often it happens. Maybe I’ll do a scan of 100 e-mails and see how many were delayed.

I gave up on dreamhost forwarding to gmail and instead setup gmail to check my dreamhost email via POP3.

I’ve done this too - but the Dreamhost POP3 servers are so overloaded that Gmail returns errors for these.