Delays in updating on the server

Whenever I update pages of our website within our local folder, with Dreamweaver, and upload them onto the server, I encounter problems with some pages. Some can take up to 5 days to be updated on the server, while others immediately update. Mostly I encounter problems with template updates, this can take even more than 5 days, but also updates in child pages can have a delay.

I have tried clearing cache and CTRL - F5 to reload the pages from the server, but the problem still persists…

Anyone familiar with these kind of delays? Can anyone explain how come only with some pages I encounter problem, not with all? And any suggestions on how to troubleshoot and/or fix this problem?

Thank you very much!

As pointed out to you before, dreamhost servers don’t by themselves cache anything. However there are 3rd party plugin’s for apps such as wordpress, that create server side caches. There are also apps such as zenPhoto that cache re-sized images to save server resources.

In your case, it would be good to know if this caching issue holds true across all computers and browsers. In other words, does it work the same no matter what computer and browser you try, or does an updated image show up quicker or immediately in some cases.

There may be another answer, but to provide it you are going to have to give us your domain name and let us take a look specifically how you have it works.

I’m having this issue at with a concrete installation. I’ve cleared the cache on the installation and my browser (using Chrome and IE) to no avail. Right now, there should be a background image. I’m not a great coder, but it’s hard to learn if I can’t see my error (or success) “live.”[hr]
FYI: Mine was a coding problem. Solved.