Delayed access

Just about all day some of my buckets have had large delays in accessing files. For instance, using the perl module Amazon::S3, there is a command: list bucket
It returns a hash consisting of a list of objects in a bucket. You can include a starting object, or starting hint, the number you want returned and the point in the path within the bucket where you want to start. The objects are returned in simple alphabetical order. There are equivalent commands in other languages.
Before today a list of objects took about 1 second. Today there is a 10 second delay. Even just one object takes 10 seconds, but even large lists(1000) are only delayed 10 seconds.
Accessing the objects via http is just as fast as always.

Also there is an Amazon::S3 command “getstore($u, $f)” which gets $u from the cloud from an http:// address and saves as $f on the on the local file system. This command, to store just one file takes about 10 seconds.

Has anyone seen this, is there a solution?

Hi mort, we were seeing some sporadic intermittent delays that the team quickly resolved last week but I haven’t seen anything out of the ordinary in our monitoring reports for the last week. Are you still seeing issues?

Thanks justinlund,
I’m all fixed.
Thanks for this reply. I had opened a support ticket and got close to the same message from them. I did see at least one “no server” message. So I immediately jumped to the conclusion that it was all your fault. It took a few hours for me to trace the issue to one of my name servers. Once that was back online I had no more problems.

I have to be more careful about who I accuse. It was all my fault.


Thanks for the closure. I really appreciate your openness!