Delay in responses

Hi, someone is having trouble with dreamcompute?

My instance is presenting delay in responses, started yesterday. There are delays in connection to the terminal and crashes in the execution of the top command for example. The problem remains even after restarting the instance. No problems found in log or processing overhead and memory.


Would you mind opening a support ticket and including details on which instance it is (name or instance ID)? These issues are easier to handle when we know who you are and can identify your account. Here’s the link to the support page -

Hi, thanks for the reply! I opened a support ticket (#7159318) before posting here, almost three weeks ago, as it was not answered, I tried here.

Apparently the instance back to normal, but I wonder what happened.


Something must have gone wrong. Let me take a look and see what happened and I’ll get back to you…
I took a look at the support history on your account and I do see there is a ticket created in November that you withdrew. I also see the one you opened a few hours before creating this post. Our tech support team is still looking into this for you and should respond soon.