Delay in getting a response from support


I’m trying to move some domains from DreamHost, I have submitted 3 support messages (4 days 13 hours, 18 hours ago, 9 hours ago) but I get no replies. Is there something going on with the support or just my messages get ignored? :expressionless:

Thank you.

It is my understanding that you are trying to host your domain in DH. These articles will help.

Hi patricktan,

thank you for your reply, but no, I am trying to move the registration of my domains to another registrar and I get no replies from DH (they need to unlock the domains).

Still no help so far :frowning:

oh, then you will have to wait for the reply from DH.

Why can’t you unlock the domains? The Domains -> Registrations section lets you click on the Locked (Yes/No) column to unlock a registration.

My DreamHost account is no longer active, but I have been assured I could move the domains even after my account goes inactive / disabled.

Still waiting for a response, almost 5 days now and I can’t move my domains :frowning:

6 days, still ignored… (managed to talk to someone from Sales, though, but no actual help yet).

Your matter has been referred to our Security/Abuse team, and they alone will be able to help you with this.

Thank you rlparker, unfortunately they keep ignoring me - 6days14hours now / 2 days 20 hours / 2 days 10 hours (I have submitted 3 tickets) and my domains are still unlocked and I can’t transfer them from DreamHost :frowning:

Almost 8 days now, tomorrow I will be contacting ICANN and the new registrar where I want to move my domains, because none of these apply to me:

“A registrar may legitimately deny a transfer request in certain limited circumstances, as follows:
* Evidence of fraud
* Uniform Domain-Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) action
* Court order
* Reasonable dispute over the identity of the person authorizing the transfer
* Domain name is on hold due to payment owed for a previous registration period
* Express written objection from the domain name holder
* Domain name is in “Lock” status (Registrars must provide a readily accessible and reasonable means for name holders to remove the lock status. Contact your registrar for assistance.)
* Domain name is within 60 days of initial registration
* Domain name is within 60 days of a previous transfer”

Although DH is not even denying my transfer, Dreamhost (abuse) support is just ignoring me :frowning: It’s really incredible, I’ve been a client for more than 4 years and even recommended this host to others.

To end the thread: got the response from Dreamhost today, Glen said it was a busy week.

Thanks for the help, especially to rlparker :slight_smile:

Why would Dreamhost lock people out of their accounts? This concerns me especially if there are domains there. If I had to wait 8 days I would be pretty upset.

Does account inactivity happen just from having hosting expire?

Without going into personal details, this customer was in an unusual situation that required the intervention of the Security/Abuse team.

Ok understood. Thanks for clarifying.

winter, that is correct. I got an email with 14-days-written-notice to move all my sites to another host, for “black hat SEO tactics” as motive. You know, if I were into black hat SEO tactics I wouldn’t write that here :slight_smile: But it’s also true, not all my sites were about… candy and angels :slight_smile: Especially having many with adult content.

Anyway, it all turn out for the best for me. I got to clean all my old domains and sites and also found a better (for my needs!) host.
As a conclusion, my DH relationship was a good one, I really got disappointed that out of the blue they wanted me out… well, I was a proud customer and DH was my first host, lol, it felt personal :slight_smile:

but now I am,
The Happy Moving Customer :slight_smile:

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