Delay Creating Email


I created an email account about 16 hours ago, but it is still not usable. I can send email through it using SMTP (via Outlook) but if I send mail to it, it bounces. Furthermore, if I try to login via Squirrelmail, I get an error that the user is unknown or the password is wrong.

Typically it takes on a couple of minutes to create an email account. Has the processing time change somewhere along the way and I’m just not aware of it?


I don 't know if there have been any “changes” of late, but your experience is pretty much the same as mine. I’ve had it take over 24 hours for an email address to be “completely” set-up on several occasions - and I have no idea why it should take that long :open_mouth:



Appreciate the confirmation. When I originally came over to DH, the time to create an account was 5-15 minutes and usually was closer to 5. Not sure what is different.

I’m at 20 hours now and the account is still not working.

Thanks again!