Default permissions when FTP uploading vs. shell


Hi all,

When I upload a file (text, e.g. html) using FTP, it will have 644 permission. However, if I create a file from the shell using touch or vim, it will have 664 permissions.

Is there a reason? (I’m newish to linux so… go easy! :wink:




I use Transmit (on the Mac) for FTP. It has an option to set the permissions on upload. I suspect other FTP programs do this as well.

What’s interesting is that I just did a ‘touch’ and the file was created with 644 permissions.

As a DreamHost user, your account is created as its own group as well. Every FTP user in my account belong to my own group. Having files as a 664 would let all of your accounts modify this file, but not everybody else.