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I just moved over to DH, and ran across something puzzling. I’m planning on using Wordpress as my interface, and let it do the one click install, leaving the subdirectory blank, assuming it would install to a default subdirectory like wp or wordpress.

However, it installed wordpress right in the root directory of the domain.

Wordpress uses index.php as it’s index page.
I was hoping to set up a splash page, which would then lead to the word press install.

Before I botch things up, I wondered this:
If I create and install index.html as my splash, then point it to index.php, will the server load the HTML first, or will it default to the PHP file first?

If I were to change default.php to something like default2.php, and point to that file from the index.html, will that still allow the PHP to behave properly, or is the content going to need to look for the original file name?

I’ve never run across a one click install that doesn’t default to a subdirectory automatically, and never would have guessed it’d just dump the install straight into the root.
(Might be a good thing to make mention of that fact on the one click install page)

Thanks in advance-

Essentially it should work if you put the directory as /domainname/

Since it defaults the root folder, perhaps the domains path would work instead. It’s worth a shot rather then dealing with emssy redirects… (you kind of lost me with the redirects part and why you would do so, heh)

Hope this helps.

Thanks for that. Essentially, I’m trying to figure out if I can simply delete that install of Wordpress from the root directory, and do a reinstall into it’s own folder. But that might cheese out the database or other things. So, that’s why I wondered if I could simply move the install, delete and reinstall, or bypass all that madness with a simple rename of the wordpress default page and load my own index page, which then leads to the new.

Here’s the domain I’m moving, this might help to see how it’s set up on the old server:

This is what I’m going to attempt to do, replicate this setup. One of those things that, had I know it wasn’t going to install into a subdirectory by itself, I would have done it manually. Arg, live and (sometimes) learn. :wink:

I’ve never used those one click install type dealies. Have you tried just installing wordpress by yourself? So long as you have the mysql db name, username, and password there shouldn’t be a problem. Assuming there was no table prefix you should just be able to upload (or move) all of the wordpress stuff into the folder you want and just edit the paths and it should work so long as you have the correct information.

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Ok, this was too easy.

I simply created a new directory off the root, calling it wordpress, moved all the files for wordpress into that directory, and viola- the database connected and everything without having to muck around with it.

Now, loading the main domain pops up the splash, the click in takes you to the index page for wordpress.