Default .htaccess


I’ve just started a shared host trial and was wondering what happens when a new account is created. I already know that DH replaces the traditional public_html site directory with a domain name directory. This is actually quite convenient because I often create test subdomains. The public_html model makes this task more difficult.

Other than the new site directory, do new accounts create any default files such as .htaccess, php.ini, 403.shtml or 500.php? My site appears to have none of these. Must I create these files?

Thanks for any suggestions on “getting started” with a new account.


When you create a site, the only default files we put in your domain directory are:


You can browse through any of these wikis for getting started building your site:

DH_Elle S,

Thanks for the clarification. I will investigate that site and others for recommendations on settings up .htaccess and related website files.