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please excuse me if this is a ridiculously newbish question.
I have my site hosted on DreamHost, and I use my site mostly for my wordpress blog. Wordpress is installed in a sub directory on my site:

How can I make it so that when a user goes to it will automatically go to
I don’t want to move the install to the root directory or re-map the sub directory, because then i will run into a whole other set of problems. I simply want to change my settings somehow so that will automatically go to
(sorry if that is repetitive as hell)
thanks in advance for your help

Manage Domain -> Edit Hosted Domain and set the “Specify Web Directory” to the new place. Hopefully Wordpress will play nice and realize that it’s using / and not /wordpress/


thanks sdayman, but i just tried that and it screwed a bunch of things on wordpress. What I want to do is have anyone going to this site automatically goes to (like in the address bar and all)

There are several ways to approach this. with varying degrees of complexity and flexibility for using your “base” domain. For a general idea of one way to approach it, check this WordPess Codex entry on "Giving WordPress it’s own directory, and modify those instructions to fit your situation. :wink:


Ah, then two choices:
.htaccess redirect
index.html Refresh

I’m sure a search here in the forums will turn up better explanations, but search for “meta refresh” and “htaccess redirect”


Yeah, what would seem to work just fine with redirects is actually rather problematic with WordPress, and a meta refresh may not be the best way to do that (if you can work out a alternative method).

This previous forum post, and the related messages in the thread, discusses some of that. The post explains the “WordPress recommended” way of doing it The link in that post is borked, but it is the same link I provided in my previous message in this thread) and another post in that thread shows another way to do it using PHP.

Either of those processes out to work for you.


I generally use the php method for this, as it allows my wordpress directory structure to stay intact, and later if I want to add a regular old site with its own homepage and a link from it to the blog I can without having to change the wordpress installation at all. Here’s what I do… create index.php and put this into it:

<?php header("Location:"); ?>

Make sure there are no other index pages in your root directory and this will do you up wonderfully.

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thank you everyone for all your help
I used the php trick that dwr (and a few others) mentioned and it did exactly what I wanted.
thanks again!