I don’t see any posts about dedicated servers here yet. Well, I love my server, and have had very few problems. But DreamHost thinks its a good idea to move my server to Portland. And they think 1 week is enough time to get the new server up and running. The only thing missing is “a web™ company”

They can probably move you with very few problems. My shared hosting server was shifted over to Portland recently.

The new Portland datacenter is likely much less expensive to operate than downtown LA. Additionally you get new hardware, they don’t actually physically move your server, they set up the new one with a copy of your files and then switch from old to new with a DNS change.

While my account is on shared hosting and not a dedicated server, dreamhost has moved my account to a new server probably about every 12-18 months since I’ve been a customer. Only one of these has ever had any kind of glitch, and support had that fixed about 30-40 minutes after I let them know the problem.

I wouldn’t worry too much, it shouldn’t cause too many headaches.

Move to Portland is good choice

Well, moving a physical server is not easy job I can tell you :slight_smile:
Even is they not moving them but deploy a new one and copy all data from old to new server it’s still a lot of job.
So I think it’s more than ok for that.

I can remember that moving 6 servers to the new office takes half of day of downtime on my last job and it was just 6 servers, not hundreds of them.

These aren’t physical moves. The one week is usually the wait time before they get to your account for a data transfer to the new server.