Dedicated / Share hosting ..?

How am i going to know, my hosting is Dedicated or Share hosting.?

Well, what are you paying for, and how much? :slight_smile:

thanks for the reply …
well i am paying $120 for year an i have unlimited disk space.

i’ve checked all the option in CP … but unable find… that Dedicated or Share hosting…

I’m pretty sure you have shared hosting. If you want your own resources you need to go to your control panel and under VPS click Enable VPS service. It is going to cost more.

wow thanks for the info…

Hi Helper,
My Website hosting domain On server - A
My some files that i wanted to call at runtime that on domain -B

Also wanted copy files and database from one domain to another.

Actually implementation of SAAS.
Help me with step wht i can I do

Please Help me.

Either shared or dedicated can be configured for what you want to do.

Shared hosting has memory and CPU limits that you may outgrow depending on what your SAAS application is.

It is shared. I also wanted create new data base for new user and also some times access to main data base as per user need. On main domain I wanted to hide some files so keep somehwhere safe. So I will access that file only at run time .