Dedicated Service


I too experience some more delays than I’d like to see on my wiki and webmail pages but I think it must be tied to the fact that I’m sharing the server with several other accounts which I’m sure are doing the same thing.

I am considering buying into a Dedicated Service plan. Has anyone else done this? I don’t mind the additional maintenance really - I’m just afraid that I’ll get the dedicated service and the delays will continue?

I don’t have alot of people testing my sites - only myself. I have to hope my delays are not network or bandwidth issues but I can’t rule that out. I think that getting my own machine running only my processes would normally be the perfect move - but I’m just ever so slightly concerned since it is a more expensive plan and I’m not sure how to pre-validate that it’ll fix the problem.

Is there a way to validate that Dreamhost’s pipe isn’t saturated? Maybe its a ridiculous question - but there are times when even logging into Dreamhost’s front page takes a long time respectively. And honestly, thats ok - but I’m trying to guesstimate what kind of service I’d get on a dedicated plan so just thinking about their service as a whole.

I’ve been very very pleased with DH in general, service and support are great … but its getting closer to crunch time and speed has become an issue for me.

Thanks in advance,