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Hi, I am already a dreamhost customer, have quite a few sites on here. One of my clients needs (most likely) to move to a dedicated server. I have not yet contacted dreamhost about my needs, as I realize there are support tickets that need to be answered, and I may (or not) get my answers here.

  1. I need to change the mb upload to over 100mb. the (i believe 7 or 8mb’s won’t do for this particular client.)

  2. I don’t want to have to upload php, myqsl, etc myself. I need that to already be there, plus the items I need (ie, at least have it set up to be able to upload 100mb files using php (actually through dotproject.)

  3. Currently, I already upload all of these files (the larger files through ftp,) but want my clients to have the ability to upload them…this is easy, but I need to make sure that I can set IP addys that only have the ability to upload…(all are set to static ips, as well as myself,) using a program written in php.

I know there are other things I need. This client has been w/dreamhost for over a year and highly regards them. They have not seen any detriment to their mysql or slowness on their shared servers. I, and my client, realizes there could be some issues in the beginning, but we both want to know…also…if the server is caplunk (my wording) can we move to another server.

Also, we have looked at the monitoring and think that would be great, anyone uses that, can you let us know how it works here.


a dedicated offering of their “stock” configuration should appear to you like a shared account with php MySQL etc in place as normal. They will even keep up with critical updates to them as well as the kernel with the default standard support package.

You’d have root access however therefor you’d have the ability to modify anything you like, including upload limit for php.

I know nothing about the monitoring services available.

Have you looked into using Perl for uploading? There is no such upload limit on it


Do they really update the OS and other critical software for you even with the default support option? I couldn’t find anywhere on their product pages where they said they would. Could you point me to the right page? Does DH have root access to your server as well?

Yeah they need to update their dedicated ad copy big time, it’s fairly confusing. The only alluding to the fact that I pointed out is on this page and the reason I said it as fact is the combination of words on that page and the answer I got from Dreamhost when I was inquiring :slight_smile:

I’d assume DH has root access as well since they do these upgrades…

from that mail:

You’ve nailed it. That’s 100% correct.[/quote]

They didn’t send you a “errr, ooops, sorry, I was misinformed, here’s how things really are:” as a follow-up email? That’s encouraging. Hopefully whoever replied to your inquiry read your summary; I’ve known DH tech support’s reading comprehension go out the window when things get busy.

The way things are worded they hint that software updates are included, but they kinda sorta circle around the issue without ever really answering it. It’d be a grand idea if they did update the dedicated server page.

(and upped the traffic to 1TB/mo while they’re at it duck)

In all cases I’ve ever seen, the term “managed” means the administration (ie, “management”) of the server is handled by the hosting company. This includes patches and such, at least for the software installed by default (note that you are almost definitely responsible for keeping on top of patches of any software you install yourself).

The page linked to above says:

Going unmanaged is certainly an option, however with an unmanaged machine you become responsible for ensuring that the latest security and application patches are applied.

While it doesn’t explicitely state that they keep the server up-to-date, the above implies it pretty strongly.

If you want useful replies, ask smart questions.

You will excuse me if I am do not take “in all cases I’ve ever seen” to mean that in this instance it’s absolutely the case. There are more than one way to skin a cat, and all too often there are ways to weasel around an implied contract to give you less than what you bargained for. It’s basic economy: a company is in the business to make money, and giving support costs money.

In all cases I have seen when a webhosting company describes their “managed” services they explicitly say that they keep the default software up-to-date, and they even specify whether the process is automagic or whether you have to submit a request for an upgrade.

The sentence you quoted is the reason I say they imply that they do software upgrades for you. You’re absolutely correct that they do not explictly say that they will. Nor do they say anywhere whether you have to request an upgrade or whether it happens automagic in the background.

I’m curious that they give you root access to the box if they’re doing the management.

If you get a standard managed dedicated server we treat the box like ‘one of our own’ and we do all the same software upgrades and changes that we do on our own shared hosting servers. Things like WebDAV (for instance) are automatically added when they are added to our shared hosting servers. Likewise, the web panel works pretty much exactly like it does for shared hosting accounts. There are a couple of things that behave a little differently and there is an extra section of the web panel giving you some access to server functionality that would not be appropriate for shared hosting.

We automatically do all security updates though we don’t always automatically do other non-security software updates. We can do those for you upon request as long up to the most recent provided by the release of Debian Linux installed on the machine.

All of this is provided for all dedicated servers regardless of the ‘DreamCatcher’ plan you opt for. With the highest level of DreamCatcher, we also treat the box like one of our own when it comes to system service monitoring and debugging. If the load is high we will get on it and try to figure out why. Some people don’t want us so involved with their servers, but some people don’t want to have to worry about it at all and they prefer to pay us to do it. We can work whichever way you prefer.

We do maintain root access so we can get in to do these management functions and we can also give you ‘sudo’ access upon request. We like to give you a quick server security tutorial before enabling it so we require you to ask for it when you need it.

All of this assumes you just want to manage your website and let us manage the server. If you would rather manage some or all aspects of the server yourself we can set it up as a fully unmanaged or a hybrid partially managed server. In the case of an unmanaged server we don’t do anything to it ever but we deliver it you with everything pre-installed and configured still. In the latter case we do something like still manage the user accounts and the mail server while you manage the web server, for example. You just have to tell us how you want it set up. There are sometimes some setup issues at the beginning when people do not understand how we do things but we always work it out. The more information we have up front the better, of course!

Does that answer all the questions?

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Ayep. Thanks for clarifying that, Dallas.