Dedicated server, website forms emails sent by same IP as my website?


Dedicated server, website forms emails sent by same IP as my website ?


I am on dedicated and would like to know which IP address sends messages from my websites ?

Is it the same IP address as the website or is it another server IP address ? (mail server IP ?).

Thank you for your help.


Any help ?


My guess is that php mail will come from the same IP that’s associated with Why don’t you send yourself an email and see where it came from?

If you use an SMTP plugin that will of course use whatever SMTP server whose credentials you provide.


Thank you, so if a domain has a private IP emails should be sent by the private IP ?


No. Email will generally be sent using the server’s machine IP address (e.g,, not the domain’s IP address.


Thank you, so what could be the solution to avoid that Microsoft blocks Emails sent from a shop if I keep sending them with my dedicated server ? (no problem with Gmail but all Emails are blocked by Microsoft and do not even land in spam folder, they just disapear).


Hello, any more info on this ? Thank you.



How are you sending your web forms? If you are using WordPress or some other CMS, I can’t really help. I know there are plugins for those that will provide you a solution.

If you are using PHP, then make sure you are declaring your email headers. This would/should help with any blocking that might be going on…

Great and easy place to learn:

The more technical way to learn something…straight from the source:

Here is an example (W3Schools) that with an email in the from and cc spots.


<?php $to = ""; $subject = "My subject"; $txt = "Hello world!"; $headers = "From:" . "\r\n" . "CC:"; mail($to,$subject,$txt,$headers); ?>


You can also use the users email they fill out on the form for the from header. This should allow you to reply to them from the message sent from the form.
Has an ok example.

Google will provide countless contact form examples. I suggest going to W3Schools and learning how to write your own so that it will meet your exact needs.


This won’t work at dreamhost. “From” must be a valid address @yourdomain. You can however use the Reply-to: header for the same convenience.

Dreamhost specifically prevents spoofing. While once a common practice, this usage of the “From” header in today’s email environment should be avoided in general. While it does work in some cases, it won’t work in all cases, particularly if your form is being sent To: a gmail address.


You’re right…I forgot to mention common rules of validation. You have to validate the email address in your forms if you use the user’s provided information. Please read the PHP Manual for specific requirements for mail() and validation.

As for it not working on Dreamhost, it does. Most plugins and mailer scripts use some form of modified headers anyway. It is a part of PHP as well…which Dreamhost supports.

If you want a more complex and feature based solution check out
Google will find you more mailer php scripts. I still suggest writing your own though.


I’m referring to the information from this wiki article:



That’s exactly right…although this is in reference to a dedicated server which along with VPS…the policy states it does not apply.


Some of my domains emails still directly go to spam on some emails services, which company can I use to send emails that do not go to spam ? Thanks.


I know there are plugins for those that will provide you a solution? Where??