Dedicated Server vs VPS


I am developing a browser-based text-based MMORPG, and if all goes well, I hope (best case scenario) to gain users quickly once I release to the public. But I am very apprehensive about dealing with a large volume of traffic and simultaneous database requests. I have very little experience or knowledge when it comes to Servers.

Currently I have a shared hosting plan with DreamHost, and I am considering upgrading to either a dedicated server or VPS.

  1. What are the general advantages and disadvantages of each?

  2. Is a dedicated server more secure in any way?

  3. Will a dedicated server allow me more customization (ie making changes to the php.ini file, MySQL version, etc.) or is a VPS equally capable in this regard?

  4. Any difference in setting up and running cron-jobs for each?

  5. Finally, If I decide to go with a VPS, how nimble are you guys in terms of switching from one plan to another? For example, how long would it take to transfer my site from a shared hosting plan to VPS and from VPS to Dedicated?

Thanks for any help.


You have full control on a dedicated server. If you have server administrators, they will definitely suggest you to go for dedicated server. Keep it in mind that VPS is still shared.

Dedicated server is a standalone server. It maximize performance. Security is a different topic and it needs to set up on both case. Whether or not it is safe enough, it depends on your security policies.

Yes. You will have full control on a dedicated server.

No, they are same.

It was very smooth when I switched to VPS. However, some customer did have some problems during migration. I’ll say it’s better to make a decision now than later.


Thanks for the info, patricktan!