Dedicated Server - Username already in use

I am trying to create a few ftp users on our dedicated server. There are only a few existing users, yet nearly every time I try to create a user with a simple, yet not very common username I get the error that the name is already in use on the system. I know the username is NOT in use on our dedicated server, so there shouldn’t be a conflict.

If our dedicated server is actually dedicated, it shouldn’t matter if someone else is using the username on a different server somewhere, correct?

This is forcing me to create usernames that are overly complex and make no sense relative to their function or our company.

The same thing is happening for group names. Despite not being an existing group name on our DS I get “the group name is already taken”.

Because the usernames can be transferred to any server on our system, including shared, they have to be unique.

Ahhhh, I see. Guess I’ll just have to get more creative with user/group names. Thanks for explaining.

I add a random 1 or 2 digit number after the username, as it seems easier for me to remember. Adding the com or net or org whatever also works well.