Dedicated Server Traffic Concerns


I know apachebench may not necessarily be the most reliable benchmark tool, but I have the Blue Moon 4 dedicated server, and just doing a ab -n 100 -c 100 http://<url>/phpinfo.php resulted in 4 failed requests. Bumping that up to 200 and 200 results in 109/200 failed requests (all 503s). The file is just literally <?php phpinfo(); ?>.

I have a client that expects a ton of traffic on Monday, how can I be sure that it will be able to withstand the traffic? I’ve cached stuff as much as possible, and will be willing to statically cache some files from my CMS (php/mysql) so that it’s literally just serving up HTML, but if the server can’t handle phpinfo(), a static HTML file shouldn’t be much more efficient.

Was trying to mess around with the MPM settings, but it’s not really obvious to me which httpd.conf file is actually in use on the dedicated servers.


100 concurrent requests is quite a bit more than you’re likely to ever have to deal with. To put things in perspective, if each request takes 200 ms (which is already a quite bit slower than you’d probably like to be), that’s 500 new requests to your web site per second. That’s beyond “a ton”; that’s simply ridiculous.

Moreover: Any request which involves PHP will be considerably more of a load on the server than a static file (e.g, static HTML), even if it’s just a call to phpinfo(), because Apache has to hand the request off to a PHP interpreter to get it to run. You will see much better performance on requests that don’t require PHP at all.


Understood regarding the difference between using static HTML and php. In a real world situation, I won’t be able to always cache to a static HTML state, and may need some PHP/SQL queries.

You’re right, though, even not statically cached, the page request I’m most concerned about takes 57 ms, so we’re talking upwards of 2000 requests per second, which is even more ridiculous.

Thanks for your input, it’s a high pressure situation we’re coming up with for a client and I just want to make sure we’re prepared.



Do you know any easy way to know resources used by a dedicated ?

Something as PSMANAGER for VPS ?