Dedicated server setup

Hi could someone in the know help me out?
I have a dedicated server and have very limited knowledge on using it correctly. i transfered over from Justhost which as a completely different setup.

My problem is this, my site seems to run no faster in fact its a second slower.
What I can not get round my head is :
Why my site says
Your Web Server:
and that my dns says
I would have thought my web server would be my dedicated server and my dns would not be a named server.
also my usage for my server shows Servers
(1 server on this account)
Server IP Address Bandwidth This Cycle *Actions
ds5847 0.00 GB
It was only last month i realised my MySQL was on a shared server.
I have now rectified that the MySQL to run on local server.
My site is and has been up and running since april

Question is should a website on a dedicated server be running on Server:
john-penn ?

I’m not a dreamhost rep, so my answer is non-authoritative, but it does seem like john-penn is a shared server.

My impression was being that reverse DNS on a dedicated server should be and not which is what I just got when I tried it.

Correct. That sounds to me like you might have set up your site on your shared server, or the user didn’t get moved when your dedicated server was provisioned. Contact DreamHost Support to get that moved to the dedi.

Thanks for the replys. I am sure you’re right i’ll get onto it.