Dedicated Server Running Slow

Over the last couple of month, our website ( and shopping cart ( have been running slower and are sometimes unresponsive. When I chat with DH support, they can find any problems. Sometimes they power cycle the server and it works for a short time. We have a dedicated server and, according to the last tech I talked to, we only use 350 MB of 4 GB of RAM. According to WebPageTest and GTMetrix, the server is slow.

I wish we could get to the bottom of this. I’m sure that we are losing money because customers can’t get to the shopping cart. Any help is fix the situation would be apprecaited.

it’s hard to debug these issues without proper data. I would suggest you to install a monitor on your server, like New Relic. You can follow this guide I wrote to get started (I believe it should work on a dedicated server, too): data from New Relic should give you a better understanding of what causes your server to slow down.

Our site it made up of several thousand html pages and a php powered shopping cart (OpenCart). Are you sure that New Relic would work? It seems more suited to applications? Also, I can’t make heads or tails of the pricing information because they don’t list DreamHost as a hosting provider.

DreamHost is not a partner of New Relic, I simply suggest it because I managed to install that without root :slight_smile: The New Relic APM monitors the basic system health so that’ll be enough, and for OpenCart you can install the PHP-specific monitor too.

New Relic has a 14 days trial: how often does your site crash? If it crashes often, you may be able to catch the issue during the trial.

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