Dedicated server problems

I have a dedicated server (, which has been up and running for a few months. Since I paid for it I have had constant issues with slowdowns and occasional crashes, but nothing like today …

This morning my website was running fine, then suddenly it froze. The server was unreachable, the website and MySQL were down … eventually I power cycled it, and it came back up … but after about 20 minutes it died again! So I power cycled again … after 2 hours it died again!!

Of course there is no tech support, and I am going crazy about this. I am paying $1200 a year for this … not so it can die three times in 3 hours! It has no new software, no new code, a normal number of users online …

Is anyone else suffering any problems that might mean this is not just a problem with my server?

I’m confused what you mean that there’s no support. As a dedicated customer you even have a phone number you can call if the regular methods arn’t fast enough. Have you actually tried contact support for help on this?


I certainly have contacted them, 6 messages are now sitting in my contact section waiting for someone to notice them. I know its a sunday, but they do have support, yet none of them have contacted me yet with a response.

Note that as an international customer I don’t get telephone support.