Dedicated server management question

I know this is going to be a dumb question but I am trying to move everything from godaddy to dreamhost

I have purchased a dedicated server and my registrar is now dreamhost. I have no problem working with the server via godaddy and installing wordpress/messing around in the file directory…

I cannot even figure out how to begin controlling my server here, I have made an admin user and ssh keys and all that but I don’t find any web portal to access in order to upload my files and website

i have my fancy new dreamhost server set to redirect to my old goddady site right now :confused:

any help would be great, it seems like the virtual servers on dreamhost might have a more simple way of working with files, is that correct?


even if there is just a manual for this i think i can eventually figure it out, but I keep seeing things like my admin directory is:


but I don’t have a website for /home/ set up so where do I go to install wordpress/etc?

Also the wiki seems to just be a sentence about each option which is not a lot of help right now

and then I try to set up webmail and it makes a webmail directory but I can’t seem to find out how to mess with that on the server… I am starting to think this is all going to be command line which I will deal with if need be… but where is the command line?

i feel dumb


I think the bit you’re missing is the “Manage Domains” section of the DreamHost Panel:

Once you’ve set up at least one fully hosted domain on your dedicated server, things should start making a lot more sense.

You should be able to use an FTP client to login to your domain using the admin username and password you created.

There are others, but FWIW, I use WinSCP in SFTP mode and it works well. Fast and reliable.

The first time you connect with an FTP client you’ll be in the root directly of your domain. After that you can upload files, or move them around, as you wish.

Thank you I think I see what you mean.

I have attempted to do this, however I cannot figure out how to redirect back to my old site during the time I set up the new site/wordpress etc, so when I do this I am effectively 404ing my whole site until I am 100% done migrating.

Additionally I have to create a new user to admin the site and put the domain directory behind that username… and I keep getting messages that usernames are already taken which I do not understand as nobody is on this server yet… however after I do this I am taken to an “AjaX” ftp web interface that I don’t see listed on any part of the dreamhost wiki. I feel like there is something I am not reading as I cannot imagine that this is intuitive for anyone; but of course it could just be me.

is there something I am missing ?

It seems I cannot really access the server the way I thought I would be able to, I can only access parts of the sever after automatically hosting a domain and essentially only the sublevels and folders afterward… but there is no way to access the basic server upon fresh install before something is hosted is this correct?

I am sure there is an easy answer to all this and I just don’t see it

The “AjaX ftp web interface” is our Web FTP client. It’s not intended to use as a full-featured FTP client, so I would recommend using an FTP client as oldguy suggested:

That wiki also has more info about using FTP here at DreamHost. You didn’t mention the wiki you’ve been reading, so apologies if I’m being redundant. :slight_smile:

I do see that you were able to install WordPress on your domain already; Are you all set? If you still need any help, feel free to reply here, or jump on LiveChat again. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the info, the problem I am having is I do not see how to finish the install of wordpress in order to move my website from where it is now to the dreamhost. It seems like if I have the site set to redirect or cloaked I cannot go to and do anything. From where I am it seems like I would have to wait for the DNS records to settle out until I am sent to the new site then access it that way.

I am slowly figuring this out via endless fumbling and I am sure I will get it working; I am sure these questions seem ridiculous. I think the reason I ham having trouble is there are several ways of doing this and therefore the instructions are not set in stone

thanks again

Are you talking about your .com or your .info domain? I see that both your domains are set to DreamHost nameservers, and your .info domain has a completed WordPress installation on it. It seems like maybe you were waiting for the .info domain to be pointed here, and now that it is, you already finished the install.

Now what you need to do is bring over your database and your wp-content folder from your old host, and you should be set. Connect via FTP at your old host and grab the wp-content folder, so that you can copy over /themes and /plugins and /uploads from your site at the old host. Then get a backup file of your database with all your posts:

Let me know if you have any questions after that!

Thanks I am talking about the .com site, I was going to move everything to the .info site (after the dns allowed me to go to .info/wp-admin) then mirror the .info site on the .com site

I know this must be a long and backward way of doing it but I still don’t see how to access wordpress to install plugins and do a search and replace in the database for the domain then test it without going live. So I am cloning on my .com site till I get it moved to .info so I can mirror .info at and make sure it is working

Ok, this should help: taken from this wiki.

For the mirror setup, you don’t have to use Those instructions would have you install WordPress to .info (which you’ve already done), and then set .com to mirror .info.

Personally I would just install WordPress on whichever site can be the “test” site first, and just move the WordPress install later when ready by changing the site dir name and doing the find/replace step in the database (which is explained in the aforementioned Dreamhosters wiki).

Let me know if you have any questions!