Dedicated server - lots of domains



I host and manage a bunch of small domains for friends, myself, etc. I generally have about 15-20 domains that I host and they change every so often. They are all pretty low traffic sites such as a website for my church, my friend’s high school reunion, small businesses, etc.

Right now I currently use a dedicated server at It is pretty easy for me to manage all of the domains using open source tools that they install for me (such as cpanel, etc.).

I would like to move over to Dreamhost because it seems like the quality of support and service is better here. But my question is, will it be fairly easy to run this type of work here?

Does my dedicated server come with some applications pre-installed and configured out of the box (similar to cpanel where i can just click and create a new domain name, change the nameservers on the domain registry, and be up and running)? Is it easy to create ssh/ftp users for these domains that I host?

Or am I basically just getting a box with shell access and I am expected to configure and set up everything?

For comparison, the server that I currently use is something like:

For IP addresses, I use name based IPs so I only have 1 IP address that is shared across all domains. This works fine for my uses (don’t need SSL).



Actually, cPanel isn’t open source (it’s a costly commercial app provided by a number of hosts as part of a package offering), but in any case, you can use the Web panel on DreamHost to manage your sites and domains. The standard stuff is preconfigured, such as Apache, MySQL and PHP.

Management isn’t difficult, and there is a beta version of a cPanel importer to help you get your stuff over.