Dedicated Server, CPU and Bandwidth usage



We are looking for a dedicated server, to make it as our media server, from where we could serve our media files (heavy flash files, images, videos) on our own websites.

So I had a look at your packages offered for dedicated server and am opting for New Moon 2, and would like your suggestion whether this package would be able sustain our needs as we are planning on to move at Dreamhost.

An estimate usage of our current server on average basis.

Disk Space : 50 GB
Bandwidth : 4 MBps In & Out (Mega Bytes, or 32 Mbps) at peak times.
[Does dreamhost offer such reliable bandwidth, and what is the maxium speed available on any given time of the day. )

Some other questions:

  1. Would it be seamlessly possible to upgrade from New Moon 2 package to say for example to Blue Moon 8.
  2. Would it compromise any of your policies to host media server.
  3. Though it mentions unlimited/un-metered, still is there any cap on amount of bandwidth that could be used by one server.
  4. Is the bandwidth speed also dedicated, or is it shared.
  5. What is the maximum speed available on any given time of the day.
  6. Finally, What backup techniques are there in place in case of server or hard disk failure.

Hopefully, awaiting your reply.


  1. Since the New Moon 2 and Blue Moon 8 are considerably different hardware, we can’t upgrade your server directly from one to the other — we’d have to move your data from the old server to the new one. Happily, we’ve got some pretty well-honed tools for doing that sort of thing, so I’d say the upgrade process would be pretty much seamless.

  2. I couldn’t say for sure without knowing exactly what the media involved is, but as long as it’s legal to host it’s probably fine. If you’re uncertain, write in to us with details.

3/4/5) I believe all dedicated servers have 100 Mbps, unmetered. I’m not directly involved with network administration so don’t quote me on that, though.

  1. We have automated managed backups for all our servers, including Dedicated servers, from which we can recover data pretty quickly. If you’re on a Blue Moon server, those also have a RAID 1 setup, so we can recover from a hard disk failure without any downtime at all.



Thanks for such prompt and detailed reply.

The content of media will be legitimate, and are created by us.
Though my main issue is regarding the speed on dedicated servers, would the speed offered of 100Mpbs will be dedicated to each server or is it shared.

And does the dedicated server comes with built in Control Panel ?