Dedicated questions

I’ve been considering a dedicated machine for a while now and the price drop has made it a bit more attractive, but I have a few questions. An acquaintence is actually looking to switch to dedicated and I recommended you guys based on my experience with your shared services over the years but there’s been a few good questions asked so I’ma pass them along, directly quoting:

My impression of your dedicated packages has always been that it’s pretty much like the shared, you wouldn’t necessarily have to be a *nix guru to host on one, figgered it’d be much like the sared since the builds are the same and the web panel is included. Just how savvy should someone be to sign up for dedicated?

The entry level package has very little support options by default, how exactly would newly discovered vulnerabilities be handled on those machines? Would they be updated liked shared are or would they remain unpatched at the responsibility of the account holder?



The managed dedicated servers are like a shared hosting machine on steroids - you don’t have to configure stuff yourself if you don’t want to - and that’s how a big percentage of our dedicated machines are setup.

What about the patching?

thanks will


Same thing - software installation and upgrades are our responsibility on managed machines.