Dedicated Powercycle Vs Restart

Can anyone explain the difference between ‘Powercycle’ and ‘Restart’ on a Dreamhost dedicated server? The restart is obvious so I guess the question is what happens if I press Powercycle ?

I could just ask support but it may be better to ask here so that others can find the answer in future. I couldn’t find any information via search.

Powercycle is a complete and forceful reboot. It doesn’t care what is running, it just flips the switch.

So both are the same :slight_smile:

I believe that’s not what sXi said at all. Key word forceful.

To equate this to a windows workstation reboot would be the equivalent of start > shutdown. Which gracefully ends all running processes and closes anything open etc.

Powercycle would be the forceful method of shutting off a hung system, holding the power button in for 10 seconds until the computer is forced to shut down completely.