Dedicated IP address to install and configure Wordpress without a domain name?

We’re a 501©(3) non profit switching to Dreamhost and disbanding the old website. Our new website will use Wordpress. Our theme will be the Fundraising/Charity Premium Wordpress Theme found at ThemeForest.

Our current website is currently live under our domain name until the new site is ready. So with our domain name already in use, I need to install and configure our new Wordpress site without it.

Do I need a dedicated IP and set my domain name in Wordpress as http://dedicated.ip.address/~username/site ? Is there a more appropriate method to setup without a domain name?


No, we don’t use the /~username/ directory format.

You’ll need some sort of domain name for your site to access it. It doesn’t have to be the final domain name, though — if you’ve already got a domain pointed to DreamHost, you can set up a temporary site under a subdomain (e.g, If you don’t, you can set up a testing domain under the domain (e.g,

Let say I have a domain name hosted at GoDaddy. I would just set the nameservers for to:

Do I also have to edit the AHOST record for, or is setting the above nameservers enough?


Setting the nameservers should be sufficient. Once you’ve done that, none of the other DNS settings at GoDaddy have any effect on your domain.