Dedicated hosting


I already happily host some sites at DH.
Now I need a dedicated server for some real heavy-duty tasks.

Since DH doesnt (really) offer dedicated hosting, I hope my post here is OK.

I need root access, a good CPU for running some WebApps and (very) high reliability.

Can you reccomend something?

Bye EnPa

They don’t?

Damn… dunno what that is then… :stuck_out_tongue:

I know… but:


There is always, who DreamHost have partnered with for dedicated hosting. Not the cheapest out there though.

I’ve also heard some good things about Note, I haven’t used them myself, but they might be worth a look.


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Do you need a lot of bandwidth ?

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Unless you’re a server maven you probably don’t want root access to the server anyway. With the DH plan, you are paying them to handle them to take responsibility for and handle the maintenance. That’s really not such a bad deal.

Gene Steinberg
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DH does offer dedicated server.

If you are doing serious business online, i’ll suggest you to go for dedicated server.

otherwise, the shared server should be enough for us :stuck_out_tongue:

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DH used to offer managed dedicated servers with root access - if you promised not muck anything up.

The current dedicated is their shared configuration so you can’t run anything other than what’s on a the current shared servers.

You also have to use a shared mysql and nfs server. It’s hardly a decent dedicated server option.

I agree that there are better deals out there, if the customer concerned is reasonably skilled at setting-up and maintaining a dedicated server. However, many people don’t want that hassle, they just need the extra resources that a dedicated box provides, with all the convenience of a shared server. For such people, the DreamHost offer seems perfect, assuming they can afford it. :wink:


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The value of this form of dedicated server is that it takes the CPU usage out of the equation. Yes, NFS and DB are shared, but the huge advantage to that is that hardware replacement of your server can happen in a few minutes.

Yea, it’s not fully independent but not having to manage storage or db can be an advantage. (note: you may be able to run a local DB if you really want to try to make it a bit more separate.)


I love dreamhost, they offer a fantastic managed shared hosting.

For what they can’t offer, root access, I found a good option, for managed and unmanaged VPS/VDS.

I wish there was an api for dreamhost control panel

If not for the panel, then definitely for certain aspects of it like subdomain and email address creation.

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Tektonic is a good company but they had had their growing pains. The biggest issue I have seen with them is the lack of reliability. I have had VPS’ just shut off due to memory usage and not come back. Requested a re-install once because their control panel was throwing up an error and they said that my request couldn’t happen because customer service had to do it. Technical support was not allowed to do that…sigh
So be very wary of their “24 hour” technical support.

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Go DH! DH is still the best in my mind. Not only the great services they provide, but also the way they grow their business.

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