Dedicated hosting questions

Hi, I’m considering Dreamhost for dedicated hosting services and was wondering if it’s a right fit for me.

Currently I run a fairly large website in terms of content, but with only a few thousand hits per day with several virtual hosts. My organization also runs our mail server on the same box, with about 4 GB of message transfer per month. We have 60 Mail users and lots of virtual maps, aliases, and access rules. Currently the server is running FreeBSD 4.11 but I want to make a move to linux (I really like debian-like distros) and possibly look into managed hosting.

Since we have lots of things going on on our server these are our specific requirements:

Mail Services:
Postfix (SMTP)
Qpopper POP3 (or something similar, don’t care as long as it’s stable)
Squirrelmail (webmail)
Dovecot IMAP (for squirrelmail)
Mailman list manager (low volume, probably 10-15 messages a day to 4000 subscribers)
Mutt (for me, the admin)
Virus scan with clamav

Web Services:
Apache+mod ssl
Ruby On Rails
Mod php (php4)
Awstats analyzer
HT://Dig (I don’t really care about this all that much, we have it, but I’m not in love with it.)
Ecommerce package such as zencart, oscommerce or similar

Postgresql would be nice too.

I’ll also need root access to install software.

Does this sound like something that can be done via managed dedicated hosting, or alternatively does dreamhost offer a product that I can use this configuration on?

Sounds like a dedicated server at least. But for this size system you should email their sales support as this forum is mainly customers and prospects.


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