Dedicated Hosting and shared-MYSQL CPU & Bandwidth

So far, I’m impressed with Dreamhost, I’ve been using the BASIC shared hosting account.
They now offer DEDICATED hosting (except the MYSQL IS STILL SHARED)

I understand there are many variables, but on average,
is MYSQL PERFORMANCE more at fault for slowing down a website, than BANDWIDTH or server CPU?

What is your experience? Thanks for any answers.

It really depends on the nature of your site, if you are serving up lots of dynamic content pulled from a database, then obviously MySQL performance is going to have a significant impact on overall site speed. However, if your site consists of mainly static content, with the occasional dynamic page, then it is going to have a lesser impact. Of-course, this is a bit of a simplification, as there are ways to speed up the dynamic content through intelligent caching etc.

My own sites tend to be affected more by server load than MySQL performance. I have noticed that whenever my sites are slow (thankfully not a regular occurrence), logging-in via SSH invariably shows a high server load.

If MySQL performance is of paramount concern to you, perhaps you should be looking at a real dedicated server with root access etc, rather than the dedicated/shared hybrid offered by DreamHost. DreamHost does have a partnership with, perhaps one of their dedicated offerings would suit?


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As Mark said, if your website relies heavily in sql, then I would go for a solution with dedicated sql, or you’ll always be limited with that.

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if i have enough money, i will go for dedicated one :stuck_out_tongue:

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