Dedicated and shared

Is it possible and/or anyone interested in sharing a dedicated server?

Possible? Presumably: You can resell your hosting. But it’d kind of defeat the point of dedicated hosting, don’t you think? If you can’t afford a dedicated server, then you’ll have to stick with shared hosting, or maybe consider one of the virtual private server options.
Very little to do with either emus or farmers!

You know, I’m not so sure that is necessarily true. Picking the users with whom you share resources and mutually negotiating usage, resource allotment, policies, and practices seems to me to be a reasonable compromise between the cost advantages of "typical"shared hosting and the cost of going “fully dedicated”.

I would think that such an arrangement could be good way to significantly improve your hosting at a lower cost, especially if you really don’t need all the resources of a dedicated server :wink:


I agree, sharing a ‘dedicated’ server with (say) 3 or 4 others would still provide far greater resources per user than shared hosting could.

However, if I was entering into such an arrangment, I would be extremely careful about who I was sharing with. The potential for problems might out-weigh any benefits.


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and would it be possible to set up vps on this dedicated server?

Yes, as long as the software that is needed is installed.

Not sure, but with whm and cpanel, you can create several packages / accounts and can sell them to different others (or share with your friends, as you feel). You can still remain the main admin, and can give stuffs like SSH to all the users.

One way could be, to buy a dedi server, and then go to WHT and SP forums (with your proposal in signature). This might produce a better result, as then you will be looking for customers after opening up your shop.

Just an idea … :slight_smile:

Also, there are things to consider like price and how comfortable you are in managing a server. Depending on that, you can buy a managed or unmanaged dedi server.

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