Dedicated and Samba or NFS

Hi all,
I would like to upgrade my shared hosting to a dedicated server.
I’d like to know if it’s possibile with a dedicated ones to make a samba server or a nfs server.


These types of file servers are primarily intended for a local network; they don’t really belong on a web hosting server. It may be technically possible to enable them on a DreamHost dedicated server, but we don’t recommend that you do so.

I well known the security issues relative to open a samba server or a nfs server over internet.
I reformulate the question in a better way: Is it possible over a DH dedicated server to make a samba share or a nfs server thru a VPN connection? And is it possibile to make that dedicated host a VPN server that serves the tunneling connection (so the network tunnel crypt key) for other client?


I’d recommend our DreamCompute service for this. I agree with Andrew in that using these services over the internet isn’t the way they’re intended nor is it the most optimal. That said, you’re free to install and run what you like on DreamCompute and would be a much better (and cheaper) service for it.