Dedicated and Dreamhost ghost scripts


I am having trouble with a ghost dreamhost script replacing some configuration files into /etc folder.

I double checked the cron, and deb dreamhost custom packages (i removed all packages related to ndn-* and dreamhost).

I removed ndn-autoupdate package.

Then I installed a software called “Iwatch” to monitor chages in the conf files and send-me a email when this occours.

This script replace some important files, like hostname, resolv.conf, postfix conf files, and others… I am loosing my mail server cause this.

When iWatch alarm, I received a email with some replaces from “.dh2pushtemp_NAMEFILE” to NAMEFILE into the /etc/ folder and subfolders.

Then I need to know how to disable this script or uninstall this package.
Thanks for your help!