Decrease in service quality

Is there a specific technical reason for DreamHost’s steady decrease in quality over the past year, or is the service just dying? My main email account went down again yesterday, and it’s still not fixed. I’ve had more email outages in the past few months than in the prior 6 years I’ve had the account. Half of my email account are through DreamHost, and they’re the only ones to go down while my free-service emails have consistently been fine. Even my sites are loading noticeably slower than they used to be. Tickets also take days to get a response now. I would rather not move to a new host, but it seems like I’m being given no choice. Anyone else in the same boat?

It appears this move to new servers has turned into a huge nightmare. My stuff has been flaky for the past week. Email, sites, even my panel. At the moment, I can’t do a backup because the server times out. If I click on Account Status in my Panel, it hangs with "Loading…"
I haven’t necessarily noticed a continued decline in service but, accessing my sites has become quite slow lately.