Decided to go with DH

I have had an account with DH for half a year with $22.4 payment for the whole year(by virtue of a promo code of course), and now I want to pay them for the next 2 years hosting so that I can get $7.95/month($95.4/year) other than $9.95/month($119.4/year) if I pay only 1 year in advance. My questions are:

  1. If I allow the Automatic Credit Card Rebill system to automatically rebill me near the end of my last contract with DH, does it rebill me automatically on a 1-year basis or a 2-year basis? That is, $95.4 for 2 years or $119.4 for only 1 year?
  2. Of course I prefer it to bill me $95.4*2, so how do I tell it to do so?
  3. The Make a Payment Now functionality lets me transfer funds to Current Account Balance, which technically, is not payment made to DH, right? Positive balance indicates money I still own, right? It then can be used to make payment for hosting, right?
  4. So, after I transferred enought funds to cover $95.4*2 into my Current Account Balance, where do I express my will to pay in 2 years advance other than 1, in the control panel, when making a payment?

Thank you!

  1. : when you pay in advance, you have “cash” in your account to use what you want (additional service, renewal…)

If you have due payment, your positive balance will be automatically deduced.

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Thank you moua, got the idea. Only I still don’t know how payment exactly works if I go along with DH in future

You stay on the same plan.

If you are billed every 2 years, you will stay like this unless you change the rebill period.
You can change it by going on :
Panel>billing>manage> here you see you hosting plan and rebill period.
Click on edit to change it.

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So many thanks to you moua! But I’ve got one more thing to be explained, the Charged Thru: 2009-04-07. What does this mean? What is a Billing Start Date? Why does DH have to change it to today when I change my rebilling cycle period?

OOkay, this is a little complicated. I don’t know how this come to be.

Before my modification of the rebilling cycle period from 1 year to 2 year (119.4/1year to 190.8/2year), I had 28.53 in my balance. After the modification, it ended up in -80.49. I HAVEN’T got over my entire year of 22.4 yet, how does it come DH starts to bill me normally treating me as a serious customer?

Suppose I didn’t dump the 28.53 into my balance before, then my balance now should be -109.02. What are these for? The next year’s hosting? Or the next 2 years’ hosting? I’m confused. It just doesn’t add up.

I also got 2 dates after I changed the rebilling cycle period from 1 year to 2 year:

Started: 2007-04-08
Charged Thru(End Date):2009-04-07

What do these mean? Does it mean if I pay up the 80.49, my hosting would lasts until 2009-04-07 or 2008-04-07??

Have a look under the Billing->View Invoices section and click the display invoice button. It may make things easier to understand as it should show any charges and credits on your account and when they occurred. I’ve bounced around the figures you provided with a calculator and can’t figure out what has been charged and why.

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Thanks very much Shonky.

I checked the invoices. Appears the 80.49 due is for the upcoming 2 years hosting, that is, from 2007-04-08 through 2009-04-07. But it still confuses me, because my calculation resulted in a little bigger due than 80.49.

My calculations came out more also, sometimes only an accountant can understand these things, I still can’t figure out my ISP bills no matter how hard I try. :slight_smile:

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DH is calculating the remaining portion of my first year based on 119.4/year normal hosting.

Thanks you two, may you big cash! :slight_smile: